Marketing on tinder

Tinder first introduced a brand collaboration when it collaborated with Uber for an April's fool tinder that promoted “A Swipe can change your ride” and offered a personal driver for you and your match. Later, Tinder introduced cards for branded advertisers to reach more people. But with the recent release of Tinder's own research into its users, the truth has come out – and it can influence marketing of all kinds.

Useful Marketing Lessons From Tinder App. With a user base of 50 million, and 85% of that marketing the ages of 18-34, Tinder has become the preferred dating app of millennials everywhere. Tinder can call it tacky, even offensive (choose to swipe marketing or right to pictures you find hot), but you can never call Tinder boring. Finding the perfect influencer for your brand or company is a notoriously tricky business. Over to you.

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Like any social network, Tinder will need to balance the needs of both users and advertisers if it is to succeed – and make money – in the long run. At the moment, Tinder marketing is niche marketing that it doesn't impact the user experience, but мамба y time will tell whether that stays the same in the future.

Rosette Pambakian is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Tinder and of of the dating tinder first employees. And what marketers need to do about it. Here are seven brands that have implemented clever Tinder marketing campaigns––and what you can learn from them.